Why Would I Blog And Why Would You Read It?

Aug 29, 2022 | My Thoughts

Hello World! (ok… I’m a geek and couldn’t resist)

I listen to a lot of podcasts, read quite a few books, do tons of research – not surprisingly, almost exclusively centered around art. I often get excited about small nuggets or grand ideas I find and thought, I’d like to have a discussion about this. So I do! I talk with friends, some are fellow dedicated artists and some are creative friends and family. My partner, Norm, is still excited about having these conversations with me. Most of the people I know are creatives. Many would not consider themselves artists but most of them are. They may not be painters or musicians or writers, but incredible artistic creatives who make their own magic – leather working, art journaling, home decorating, thing building, food preparing, wizards. But I want to have conversations with you – those yet to discover friends, art lovers, and fellow creatives who are out there making magic in your own lives. So yes, feel free to comment or catch me over on instagram and share your thoughts about any topic I bring up in this blog. As long as it is about art, you can bring up new topics as well!

So what will you find here? This is not a typical blog following proper SEO protocol of ### number of words or completely worked out ideas. This is simple a place to stash my thoughts in response to the world around me at THIS moment in time. Tomorrow I may have new thoughts about the same topic and you may share your ideas and I’ll see things from a completely different perspective! Yes! Let’s do this!

What you will find:
Curse words (there is your warning – if adult language offends you, feel free to not proceed)
My thoughts about
… art
… feminism
… my experience in the world
… my process
… my art
… music
… books
… podcasts
… videos
… who knows???

What you won’t find:
… Tolerance – for racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc
… Answers – I have none. 🙂 Ok, maybe a few about who *I* am but that’s about it.
… Perfection – perfect grammar, perfect art, perfect human, perfect anything except maybe my guacamole or potato soup.

So grab some coffee and let’s think about shit!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash