The Beginning of the End

Sep 12, 2022 | My Thoughts

So here I go, just rambling. This is probably more appropriate for a diary but someone out there may find inspiration from this!

I’ve had a full career in marketing and now that I’m older, I am truly pursing all things artistic. I’ve been going to school forever, I mean… who doesn’t love learning things??? But a bit over a year ago, I decided to finally get my BFA. I’m going to Texas State University – Go Bobcats! – and here I am, at the end of my next-to-last semester. Yes, I’m excited. I miss sleep, long hours in my studio following whatever idea comes to mind, and seeing the sunshine. If you are under the misguided notion that art school is easy, let me tell you, I’ve never worked such long hours in my life. That said, it is totally worth it.

We have so much to get done this semester! We have a grass roots exhibition to hold with a group of other students, the student exhibition to prepare for next semester, and what feels like thousands of projects. I’m taking SIX classes next semester! I may not survive… Goodbye cruel world. 😉