Music, Painting, Creative Madness!

Jul 28, 2023 | My Thoughts

Painting is a deeply immersive experience that engages multiple senses  – not just a visually creative process! The music I choose to accompany my painting sessions plays a vital role in setting the mood, inspiring my creativity, and helping me express myself on the canvas. First, let’s explore how music sets the mood, then I’ll fill you in on some of my playlist specifics!

  • Music has a remarkable ability to evoke emotions! My work is all about emotions so I rarely paint in the quiet, although sometimes I need to be more contemplative.
  • Music can create a dynamic atmosphere.
  • Whether I’m aiming for serenity, energy, anger, joy, or melancholy, the right music can help me achieve the desired mindset.
  • Choosing music that resonates with my emotions amplifies them and explodes through my brushstrokes.

Big Expressive Movements

I’m a figurative expressionist so especially when I begin a painting, upbeat music helps me engage in big expressive movements – helping me tap into my emotions and create impactful artwork. I let my body move freely, often almost dancing along with the music. I want that energy in my work. I use broad brushstrokes and sweeping motions to convey energy and passion.

Variety in Musical Choices

I enjoy a huge variety of musical genres including, but not limited to: R&B, Pop, Oldies, Rap, Singer Songwriter, Reggae, and even country!  I explore during my painting sessions is vast. As mentioned, I often begin with loud, upbeat music. Pop from the 70’s to current day is my typical go to. Then as the painting progresses, I’ll play music that fits with the mood of the painting. If I’m painting something that evokes sadness, I’ll listen to all the tearjerker kind of music I can find! If the primary emotion is creative energy, I’ll choose a playlist with that has a slower tempo to encourage me to slow down with my brushstrokes. I usually have a few “women power” songs in there. You know, ones where a woman finds her voice? Yeah, I have quite a few of those.  And yes, I often listen to women artist! When I did my Woodstock Series, I listened exclusively to music from the original Woodstock festival. No, that’s not exactly true… I added a few other favorites from that era! But mostly music from the festival!

Music is not merely background noise; it becomes a guiding force, breathing life into my creative process. Through the careful selection of music genres, the power of lyrics, and the seamless synergy between music and art, my painting sessions become extraordinary journeys, driven by inspiration and expressive energy.

So, take a look at a favorite piece of art in your home and ponder the question, “What was the artist listening to as they created this?”

And if you have suggestions on what you think I should listen to, know of some amazing women artists, please drop me a line on Facebook or Instagram!

Photo by Barrett Ward on Unsplash