Cheryl Russell Art Unveils Exciting New Studio at Silver Street, Sawyer Yards

Sep 21, 2023 | News & Networks

Press Release: Houston, TX — Figurative and abstract expressionist painter Cheryl Russell is thrilled to announce the grand opening of her brand-new studio, Cheryl Russell Art, conveniently located at 2000 Edwards Street, Studio #113, Houston, TX 77007 within the vibrant artistic hub of Silver Street at Sawyer Yards.

This exciting new venture marks a significant milestone in Cheryl’s artistic journey. As an artist who passionately embodies the essence of emotions through her art, Cheryl envisions her studio as a sanctuary where art enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the art and the stories from which they were born.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Cheryl Russell Art will be an active participant in the Sawyer Yards Art Ramble scheduled for Saturday, September 30, from 2-7pm. This event promises an immersive artistic experience, allowing visitors to embark on an unforgettable creative journey across their campus, immersing in the creative worlds of over 100 artists.

Cheryl Russell invites all art aficionados, especially women art collectors who resonate with feminist ideals, to join her at the Sawyer Yards Art Ramble. This event offers a unique opportunity to connect with Cheryl, explore her inspiring artworks, and gain a deeper understanding of her artistic vision.

Visitors can anticipate an enchanting blend of captivating art and empowering narratives, encapsulated in Cheryl Russell’s evocative paintings. The studio embodies Cheryl’s dedication to fostering a welcoming space for all, providing a distinctive ambiance that is bound to leave a lasting impression.